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Game starts but doesnt go past intro movies.


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I cant seem to play the game after tyhe update, if i try the skip intro option the game just freezes up, otherwise it cant load into the game after the intro. It doesnt matter if im trying to enter a game or the main menu.

Windows 10 64Bit

i7 -3610QM

Geforce 650 GT

6 GB ram

on a SSD

Log: http://pastebin.com/1peTdqfg

EDIT: Forgot to add that i dont have enough data to reinstall the whole game again, and my last version was the last patch before the big update 5.16 i think.

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  • Developer
Would honestly just delete all UDK* files in the config directory and start from there. They're usually the root cause of issues like this.

Clicking "Reset Game" on the launcher should do this for you.

Reset game would also force him to download more which is what he's trying to avoid.

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