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Launcher Crash


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But the fact the launcher crashes is new I suppose and a bug?

Edit: fffreak9999 [split from Unrelated Topic]

On occasion, the launcher will crash (normally notice on launcher close).

Please provide more information. I can't do anything with this.

Yes, occasionally software crashes.

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I posted the issue here earlier:


Taken from the topic:

Just tried to setup a local server to test some stuff. While the server shows up in the launcher it also cause me to be unable to join any server.


Setup server with default settings

Cannot join own server (launcher crashes)

Cannot join other server (launcher crashes)

Disabled server, launcher doesn't crash....

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Those aren't the only situations that cause the launcher to crash, as I have also had the launcher crash multiple times, even when not attempting to launch a server

No, there are multiple issues I suppose, but this was the one which I could clearly recreate.

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