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Question to the Devs about texture rez


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No there's a 4 GB total memory limit, depending on your vram vs ram and how the videocard takes up memory in that process it can be less than 4. If you reach that limit as we did a lot before, it leads to game crashes which were much more frequent in the past.

There is a way to get around it using LAA : https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/thre ... re.112556/ (I never tried it on Ren-X, could potentially help)

But we chose not to use this, use that program at your own peril. It's pretty much required for any Sins of a Solar Empire mod for instance.

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Knowing the assets exist in higher res might be neat, but you can't just "apply it clientside" because UDK won't let one do it without the lot, and the way to bypass the 4g limit is very hacky and not user-friendly. Alas, we can have nice textures, or a playerbase, and I personally appreciate the fact we chose a playerbase.

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