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Sanctum 2


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Sanctum 2 is fun for what it is, but I could not fully get into it despite have fully completed the first one. The 2nd game prioritizes shooting more than tower defense (which may be appropriate for Ren X players), yet when I play it it just doesn't seem satisfying. If I were to guess why, it seems more like a numbers game and that my weapons and towers have no real "impact" to them, even if they do tons of damage or if I am playing Sweet Autumn with her Rocket Launcher. Sanctum is a nice franchise with tons of hidden lore, but I guess it doesn't appeal to me.

I mostly prefer the madness of the Orcs Must Die! franchise as killing orcs in a variety of ways is satisfying as they are electrocuted, incinerated, or simply tossed into a pool of lava. Their latest release, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, is free to play, so give it a shot if you like third person shooters (with abilities) combined with tower defense.

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