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[Guide] Newbie's Solo Guide to Renegade X


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Hello everyone, some people know me as You, others as Newbie, here is my guide to winning games in Renegade X (solo).

Let's get started. The majority of games you are going to have a low kill/death ratio, this is because it takes risk to destroy an enemy building, especially as stealth. However while farming credits with an Artillery or MRLS you can easily get a few extra kills.

This guide is going to teach you how I play, become top the leaderboards or destroy at least one building per game without help from your team. Now obviously if your team was coordinating rushes on the side, capturing the silo, defending buildings and pushing into enemy base at the same time everything would run a lot smoother.


1. Miner refers to Hotwire or Technician.

2. Farmer refers to MRLS or Artillery.

3. Defence refers to Advanced Guard Tower or Obelisk.

4. Field refers to the open areas outside of base.

Both Teams

1. Game Start

1a. Switching teams before the game starts will not result in a death.

2. Depending on the map, as soon as you spawn you usually want to go grab an engineer (E5) and attack the harvester or a building's MCT terminal (grab crates on way).

2a. MCT > Most of the time it's best to go long way around map as most people will be waiting for you in the short route.

2b. Harvester > This method only really applies on small maps, works best on Walls as you can run up the stairs, and jump straight on top the harvester where enemies can not defuse C4.

2c. If you die trying to attack either options, defend your buildings or harvester until you have more credits.

2d. On a map like Whiteout, I usually run to the crate (credits), capture the Silo (credits), and attack the Harvester (credits) after doing so it's usually faster to suicide to get back to base.

3. Time to make a decision on what to buy first.

3a. If you know 100% that someone else is going to buy a Miner and knows how to place mines correctly then purchase a Farmer. There are spots on almost every map which you can position yourself in and fire away at enemy buildings to generate money. Make sure to kill enemy infantry as one C4 can blow up your vehicle.

3b. If you are unsure that your team is going to mine your base then it is essential that you buy a Miner. These rules are good to follow but may vary on different maps. Try and stick to 3 mines per door. After the dash (|) is maps with stairs or flying vehicles. Barracks 7|6, Weapons Factory 6|8, Refinery 6|8, Power Plant 6|8, Defence 3|3, Hand of Nod 6|12, Airstrip 3|5. You should try to mine the highest priority buildings first (map dependant).

4. Later on in the game if you are on GDI and your vehicle is damaged it's best to return to base (with defences) and repair from there otherwise SBH will steal it, or if you have enough credits suicide both yourself and your vehicle and buy a new one. However at the start of a game where Nod don't have SBHs it's considered safe to jump out and repair on your own.

4a. While returning to base for repairs, I often grab a Miner to speed up repairs in the future and place remote C4 on my vehicle so if I decide to repair alone out in the field I have protection against theft. Repairing while in the field it is essential that you check your surroundings before and continue to do so while repairing so that no one can steal your vehicle. It's best to repair behind a rock or large obstacle, however make sure they cant drop down from above and land on your vehicle (Walls, Field).

4b. For maximum fire rate efficiency while repairing if you look at the location you want to fire and double tap E (jump in, jump out) the turret on the vehicle will move to that position so when you jump back you can continue firing at a building straight away.

5. Continued on either Nod or GDI.


1. After farming enough credits to purchase Miner (350) and a Stealth Tank (900) I go round the edge of the map and sneak into GDIs base (with no defences, if turrets in place, destroy with airstrike and Artillery).


Pointed are gained from easy access to buildings with base defences active (using infantry or Stealth Tank). First is GDI then Nod after the vertical bar (|). The team with the most points is most likely to win each map. The buildings are in order from easiest to hardest.

Field 1|2

GDI: Hand of Nod (hard).

Nod: Barracks, Weapons Factory.

Solo Winner: Nod

Team Winner: GDI

Under 3|3

GDI: Power Plant, Hand of Nod (hard), Airstrip (hard).

Nod: Power Plant, Refinery, Weapons Factory (medium).

Solo Winner: Nod

Team Winner: GDI

Islands 2|2

GDI: Refinery, Hand of Nod.

Nod: Refinery, Weapons Factory.

Tomb 2|3

GDI: Refinery, Hand of Nod.

Nod: Refinery, Weapons Factory (hard), Power Plant (hard).

Eyes 4|1

GDI: Refinery.

Nod: Refinery, Power Plant, Hand of Nod, Airstrip.

Canyon 2|1

GDI: Refinery, Hand of Nod.

Nod: Refinery.

Complex 1|1

GDI: Refinery.

Nod: Refinery.

Complex 1|1

GDI: Refinery.

Nod: Refinery.

Snow 0|1

Nod: Weapons Factory.

Continued soon!

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Take a look at Yosh's guide to Renegade X, it's very good guide-like-thing that goes into a *lot* of aspects of RenX.

Yes I am aware of everyone else's guides. I'll attach everyone else's guides to this post in the future, real busy at the moment.

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