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Leaving vehicle 'at the wrong side'


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Just to find out what you think about this.

Sometimes, for example while doing a rush, people leave the vehicle and end up at the 'wrong side' of it. For example today we went for the enemy ref on Xmountain, got discovered and a few vehicles started chasing us. The APC navigated to the door and blocked of their people from getting in, but when we stepped out we ended up on the other side so the 'chasers' drove over a few and the rest died on the mines.

I am curious if there is logic when leaving vehicles...

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I also noticed that and wondered about it.

So I tested it out and it looks like that it depends on the direction of view of your character while entering a vehicle.

If you are looking at the vehicle while entering it, you will leave the vehicle on the opposite side and vice versa.

I think it would be better and more logical to enter and leave a vehicle always on the same side though.

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