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Making Renegade X it's own game (I.E. a "2016" version)

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I played RenX for a couple weeks straight, having a great time until it diminished into me complaining about 90% of the maps picked. It was an awesome throwback with the classic maps, and more of me hating all the new maps (Crash is the worst map in the game). I feel people are choosing the newer maps over the older ones solely because they weren't played into oblivion during the original game's run.

So to rejuvenate the other maps while also making Renegade X stand out on it's own and hopefully pull in more players, I'd like to suggest another mode for the game, or a "2016" version of the game that can get thrown onto the map names (like, Field would be classic C&C mode while Field 2016 would be the new mode).

While I'm not a fan of MOBA's that much, I do find the idea of minions interesting. I haven't come across an FPS that really uses that idea, and RenX has the map scopes to incorporate something like that. I'm thinking of an upgradable minion stream and I'm going to use Field as the example.

Both teams starting with all their building operational gain 2 streams of minions. For this example, I'm going to suggest 5 troops (basic trooper) from the barracks and 1 GDI vehicle (med tank) and 2 NOD (2 light tanks). Infantry runs through the tunnels and attempts to attack the other teams base, vehicles go the normal route and do the same thing.

So the troops go fighting in the tunnels, vehicles in the field, but it's all upgradable (but expensive). Teams can donate into the "team bank" and vote on what to upgrade. It could be troopers into officers (or something low level, no Havocs or Raveshaws), or increasing the minion vehicle limit (with a max). Each trooper can be upgraded separately to give diversity to the minion groups.

Minion troops don't need high AI intelligence, just make them hard to kill and give little credits back, since their basically fodder anyway, they can be used as bullet sponges or as distractions, as well as backup if players can pave the way to the base. Even voting to make minions techs/hotties and sticking them to buildings.

Credits earned by the minions go straight to the "team bank." Every upgrade (dividing vehicle and troops) makes the next upgrade more expensive.

While this should bring in more interest all around, it should also help with the older maps popularity, and give some more options for the game overall. It should also help during times when player count isn't that high, a 10 v 10 game could still hold up to the typical 20 v 20.

Different maps could have different limits on minion counts as well. Larger maps like Field or Under could have larger minion limits while smaller ones like Walls could have smaller counts, or no vehicles at all.

If the barracks is destroyed it could either kill off the minion troops totally, or just lock them/revert them back to basic troopers with no upgrades available, same with WF/Air.

Also, get rid of Crash.

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I'm not really too keen on the minion idea, but I do understand what you mean. My idea is similar to yours, but kind of opposite. You have a commander (Not like yosh's mod where you give alerts and stuff) that can basically do what the commander in other games did. Then have him purchase upgrades, give commands and think of an overall strategy etc etc.

Of course the idea I gave right now is really crap, but you get what I mean. Have somebody with a top-down view of the battlefield (maybe give the commander [ONLY] a fog of war).

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How about we try to play the current game, not make a brand new one.

Dat condescension

Nothing wrong with people throwing ideas around (even if they aren't realistic at the time)

They won't ever be realistic. Let's be realistic


Any ideas spitballed on the Ren-x forum about a new game will never be serious until there is a SEPARATE dedicated website/forum. Its my personal opinion "new game" talk fragments the community and hinders the Ren-x effort.

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How is it not realistic? It's just scripts. The original Renegade had servers that did this stuff and more, sometimes they were insane story modes scripted into multiplayer maps/matches.

A script for AI troops spawning ever 60 seconds or whatever, and their and predetermined route.

You can already donate to other players, why not donate to an AI that controls the troops?

You can already vote, what about voting to choose what the AI does?

I've seen some great scripts for this game when it was a decade ago, I don't see why it can't be done now.

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