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We need higher vehicle limits


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The problem with the low (8-10) vehicle limits is that you can't rush with vehicles properly (maybe only on PUGs). On public games, usually half of the limit is used up by random players who don't teamplay, which only leaves max. 5-6 vehicles to rush with. That's just not enough to succeed, which makes vehicle rushes a waste of time, credits and points. Waiting for the limit to free up in order to rush with ~8 vehicles means waiting a long time (giving the enemy team time to prepare) and losing control of the field completely.

This means low vehicle limits decrease the importance of vehicles and make Airstrip and WF less strategically important, while HoN and Barracks are usually the key structures.

Also, since infantry rushes are also usually not too effective, it means that there is not much teamplay left in the game. I have observed how more and more buildings in the game are being destroyed by solo players instead of by a group effort.

Finally, some maps just need high vehicle limits to break the stale mate with a proper rush. I especially look at Field here, but it's also the case for Eyes and Under. I also miss the big aircraft rushes on Walls.

The vehicle limit used to be 14 on most maps in the past and I really liked it.

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there is not enough space for 14 vehicles per team in field... it gets really crowded... it is already crowded if there are 3 vehicles at the base entrances...

i think it is ok to have smaller vehicle limits that are adjusted to the map.

this game is about teamplay and if your team has none, you don't deserve victory.

yeah there are those solo parts too, but they also mean you didn't defend your base properly... (e.g. ignoring mines missing or wrong mining)

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