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Using landscape mode in sdk

MPF PwnCall

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So I'm starting working on a map here and let me first of all say that making maps for RenX is about 50x easier and less complex than for renegade.

I have a few questions about landscape mode though. I'm having trouble applying a texture to it that I can paint on with multiple textures. I couldn't figure out how to set it up.

Second I'm wondering if it is easier to use brushes instead of landscape to allow for making tunnels better. I was trying to make openings for tunnels by using the visibility tool but even when I made a small brush size it made a massive hole way bigger than the tunnel opening.

What is the best way to make jokes for tunnels or should I not use landscape altogether if I plan on making lots of tunnels/ holes in it.

Thanks for the help, not very well versed in udk yet.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

applying terxtures to landscapes / any thing is not like slamming an image on it ... you have to make the material (shader) for the asset you with to "texture" with in the material you can set what the material can be used on and if it is translucent and what not lots of tuts on youtube about materials and little tricks you can do with them (also my making of series in my sig shows almost 100% of making a map including landscape mats and making tunnels )

you can also used landscape materials thats are packed with the renx sdk

if the visibility tool is making massive holes it is likely your landscape is set up to small with very few components in each quadrant

depending on the "type of tunnel" if its just a cave in a mountain or if you can walk / drive over the top there are to main ways of making tunnels

if its just a cave just make them out of assets like rocks and what not

if its one you wish to walk over you will have to use one or more landscapes and then cut holes with the visibility tool

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