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Under water fights / HUD targeting


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it is nearly impossible to kill infantry under water.

all your bullets, rockets, lasers or explosives stop/detonate uppon touching the surface of the water, creating a nice splash animation, but dealing minimal to no damage to whoever is hiding under water. it may somehow be realisitic, but you really can't do anything about infantry (e.g. SBHs) who hide like that...

also water surface breaks HUD targeting... even if you clearly can see the person, it counts as if you could not and you lose the HUD targeting information after the usual timeout...

broken HUD targeting makes it really easy to hide underwater, as the watersurface it self hides you already AND enemys lose HUD targeting (though you lose yours as well - you cannot target through watersurfaces! only if both things/players are underwater you can HUD target them).

this bug makes it really easy for SBH on islands, but can also be abused on goldrush, where you can hide very efficently in the water at nod / gdi base. especially usefull if you got spotted as SBH by just one person. hop in the water, swim a few meters underwater and as bullets cannot penetrate water surface and enemy HUD breaks after a while you usually get away.

one additional annotation:

on crashsite you can shoot and target through water. on islands and goldrush you cannot.

on crashsite it just looks weired and wrong (as you have underwater sparks from the bullets or underwater-dust from the tank shells), but targeting and shooting through water works fine there. probably ruud forgot a water layer on that map.

also seems a bit unfair: nod can sneak through the river which is only in GDI base and the river is pretty dark so it covers you up really well. very easy to sneak from GDI main entrance to GDI PP swimming through the river...

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