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Need help, invisible wall


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When building paths I noticed the nodes had ignored a lot of nodes on multiple parts of my map, I checked ingame and noticed there were parts blocked off on the map, even for projectiles..

I checked earlier autosaves, an dless parts were blocked, these autosaves were made when I was in the progress of adding foliage, small rocks to be exact.

All I can find on google is tutorials and questions on how to make blocking volumes, but this is not a blocking volume, it isn't showing up in editor, ingame (with commands).

But when i want to paint foliage, the foliage brush sphere kind of goes up the invisible wall.

So, it's completely invisible, in every view mode, and can't find it in the scene browser, but I can't go through it, paths can't go through it, and the foliage painter can detect it, and (I think) it happened while I was painting foliage.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I can send the map.

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Have you rebuilt geometry since?

If it's acting like foliage, have you tried cleaning the foliage from the area?

I'd try it in that order. I remember 1 time I spend 4 hours redoing and redoing something to make enough room, when it turned out that it remembered a pre-existing blocking volume that was now gone, and building geometry fixed it. I know nothing about foilage except about deleting it.

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I can't delete the foliage there, my brush can't reach it, whatever is blocking everything there, it's also blocking my foliage brush. But all the foliage meshes I added there do not have collision.

I also noticed a lot of my foliage was painted 1 meter above the ground on some parts of the map.

I have rebuild geometery and then paths, here's the difference:





Open image in new tab to gt a better view.

Look by the WF, even less pathlines, it's like it's slowly swallowing up more of my map..

View in collision mode shows nothing weird, also checked for leftover brushes, couldn't find anything along the invisible block.. I could copyeverything over into a new project, but that will take a lot of time, and I might copy the problem over as well..

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  • Totem Arts Staff

all collison modes show nothing ?

foliage shouldent effect paths

my bet is you have an artifacted volume or a custom mesh has bad collision

but if you rebuilt geometry my bet is its a messed up blocking volume

any chance you can send me the map and ill take a look

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I was about to send you the map, but I fixed it.

None of the collision modes showed anything, and I had rebuilt geometry (& paths) multiple times.

I had some invisible anti-b2b meshes, but it wasn't that either.

There were still some brushes in the map, the ones with yellow and purple/lila lines, I deleted all of them and it's fixed :D I did see a warning that some brushes had non-planar issues maybe those caused it..

The harvesters also didn't move, and I had to change to Nod to test it out because all the GDI spawn points were blocked off. Whe i used the ghost command to get through and shoot inside it, it looked pretty weird too, it wasn't just 1 invisible wall, the entire block was completely dense.

Sorry for bothering you guys with this topic but I couldn't find the problem, and Google didn't help..

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