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Game doesnt load


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It says your bAllowD3D9MSAA in your launch log, is true. You sure you changed it to false, in that defaultsystemsettings.ini file, and then deleted the udksystemsettings.ini? Sorry so late getting back to this, but I am glad you checked and bumped regularly, I know doing that is a hassle and not everyone does it, but it can definitely help.

Okay, after you make that d3d9 change again, and make the delete, try to load the game again. If it fails, open your udksystemsettings.ini and ctrl-f to search for ballowD3D9 and make sure it actually changed to FALSE.

Everything else in your launch log, at least to me, looks like the game loads the front-end map (main menu), including your steamapi (says doesn't find steam, which is fine) and username, and just doesn't continue to do anything from there.

Also try direct connect? In main menu, press F5 or ~, and type in "open".

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