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Stuck between WF's stairs


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Yeah, sort of already known as notorious to some players like Kenz and I; this crap already happened to me at least twice on Lakeside.

Temporary workaround: Do not jump at the space between WF roof and those stairs.

Suggestion to Mapmakers: See if you can extend spacing between WF roof and the stairs by at least a little, or merge roof & stairs in a way so no spacing exists between them at all. Maybe fuze/weld them together so they're sort of the same entity?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I'm sorry but this is beyond our (mapmakers) responsibility and ability to fix this derpiness since we're only supplied with 2 versions of buildings. With stairs and without. Putting our own stairs and you will be unable to damage the building by attacking the ramps. The ramp mesh is also merged to the point that we cannot resize or tweak the gap without messing the whole placements

My fingers will be pointed to Havoc

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