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Game minimizes on startup [SOLVED]


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So I installed the update and the game starts to run with a black screen, then the game minimizes, then I go to open the window and it flashes a black screen and minimizes again.

So I deleted everything and used my backup and tried to run the game without updating just to see if it launched and ran into the same issue.

I downloaded the manual patch and installed and ran into the same issue AGAIN.

The game is running but it just won't stop auto-minimizing.

I am at a loss.

Edit: So I deleted game and used the installer to reinstall and I've got the same issue.

So it's not the game its my PC with RenX specifically.

double-u tee eff?

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UDKGame > Config > UDKSystemSettings.ini

Set Fullscreen=False

Run Launcher

'Launch Game'

Game opened in windowed mode fine and allowed me to change the settings in-game back into fullscreen without a hiccup.


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Your welcome. Just for reference for anyone else, Windows actually running something correctly is entirely arbitrary, and it can elect to maximize and fullscreen your programs onto screens that don't exist whenever it so chooses. Only fix for it really, is ctrl-rightclick the program on the bottom-bar and clicking move and pressing an arrow key to move it back onto the screens, or by using settings to try windowed mode.

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