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Am I wrong for craving more shotgun? Weapons Menu


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Firstly I will say that I love the addition of being able to purchase secondary weapons in X, whoever was the brains behind adding that menu I salute you. The carbine is perfect to sort out a Technician/Hottie, the pistol is good fun! Tiberium weapons, even better, it's always important to have a weapon to fall back on.

Here's me though, I'm always one for a boomstick. The shotgunner is great but I've always wished there was a purchasable shotty in this as well. Obviously balance would need to apply and the biggest issue with the weapons menu is overpowering the SBH! Let's say only a sawed off/double barrel variety was available? It wouldn't really be any worse than a carbine and in my opinion would give players who aren't so great at aiming for the head more chance of getting a kill.

An SBH with one of these will have the potential to make players jump out of their skin :rolleyes: But the limited ammo would allow for a counter attack.

You're defending as an engineer in a building, an infiltrator comes running in? Rather than throwing C4 all over the joint pull out the shotgun.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

In original Ren, the RenCorner server has made shotguns come auto equipped on engies and adv. engies. Though the shotgun is way different in normal Ren, the pistol is way stronger in this game. Adding more weapons would just add to the struggle to the balancing game the devs are playing. I am not against more weapons, so long as they are balanced. And imo, having infantry that are made to infiltrate buildings that are close quarters seems a bit imba, especially when 1shots arent hard that with shotguns.

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