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Renegade X for Mac


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Here are some breadcrumbs to follow. Summary is as follows:

1) Unreal is capable of running in Mac. Other games do at least.

2) I think Unreal uses a lot of DX which means it shouldn't, but from what I heard it does.

3) Someone in B1-B2 made a Mac Launcher, but never kept it updated last 3 updates to the game, or for a year or so.

4) You would think you take their launcher and replace their copy of RenX with assets from a current version download, but I don't think that has worked.

5) Same as above but with another Unreal based game, maybe Dungeon Defenders or something with Mac support but try to replace every last asset and coding and settings file and such with RenX.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

UDK is windows and IOS only and RenX was never designed to work with IOS not saying it wont ... but there is no control set up and some other stuff that is IOS specific

short story shorter .... no RenX will not work on OSX not with out using a windows emulation tool but then its better to just use a duel boot (if its a modem mac / hackintosh)

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