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Smoke Grenade - Should it block target box acquiring?


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Right now, Smoke Grenade is only good at one thing, sneaking past towers. However the enemy can use their magic crosshair to acquire position of enemies even through smoke. I'm thinking, maybe give it the ability to actually block people's vision from other player, including the target box? That would give it more functionality such as escape tool, distraction and also blocking tanks from their target

Just a thought

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Super-Kh":1hpfl38e]wait I thought they already do that : o

They have significantly high failure rates at blocking player to player target acquisition. However they nearly always block targetting a structure.


it's still possible to target enemy units inside the smokescreen, it's just kind of difficult to acquire and maintain.

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I think they are supposed to do that anyway, Hande. It's a matter of perfecting it I think.

Like the others said, through a smoke screen, I'm mostly unable to acquire a target when "screening" the smoked area. The odd occasion that it does is just a fluke me thinks.

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