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CNC_Hallstatt Bay (WIP)


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Hi guys!

After watching a hefty amount of kenz3001's "Making a RenegadeX Map" video series, I decided to start making my own map. This is the first time I've used UDK, so there's been a lot of trial, error, and newbiness. I've been happy with the result of a couple day's work, and feel ready to share with you guys my current progress.

The map is called Hallstatt Bay, after a picturesque mountain/lakeside village in Europe. But, I was also going for an Iceland beach feel. Does anyone know how to fix overlapping or wrapping UVs? I keep getting a problem with those.

Bird's eye view.


GDI base. Backs to the wall!


Nod base. Foothold on the beach.


Wrecked coastal defense.


Tiberian silo with bunkers and watchtowers.


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