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Loading a mutator with SurveyVote


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I've created a mutator which I want loaded only if players pass a vote.

I have been thinking of using Survey Vote class for this. Easiest solution would be to just add

under Execute() function in Rx_VoteMenuChoice_Survey the following line:

if (TopString == "Initialize Mod") InitMyMod;

however I do not want to edit game source code. So alternative I have been thinking about is to find the

GlobalVote instanced object in my mutator class

var Rx_VoteMenuChoice Global_Vote;

foreach AllObject (class'Rx_VoteMenuChoice', Global_Vote)

Now that I have access to game's GlobalVote variable I can use Tick function to check every frame whether there is vote with String=="Init Mod" running.

Will this method be too resource-intensive? Is there a better way to use RenX vote system to load a mutator?

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