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Chem rushing?


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Chem Rushing is ok until players just spawn in a match and instantly rush GDI base.

Defense Tower = Destroyed

Barracks = Destroyed

Advanced Guard Tower = Destroyed

It's pretty ridiculous to have all that happen before half your team can actually load the map and then just gets spawn killed. :/

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I don't see the issue here. There's a start delay to make sure most players are loaded in before the game begins, so that's not the problem.

Bar, AGT AND guard towers destroyed in a Chem rush? Must have been Goldrush, and even then the AGT and Bar are on opposite sides of the GDI Base. Hmm.

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Nod has like a 60% win rate on Walls and Whiteout. GDI has like a not even kidding 80% win rate on Complex, Canyon, and Under. On Complex and Canyon, the games don't even last very long.

On Canyon, the wall hole for the silo will even up the early game as well as relieve the bottleneck on infantry against gdi vehicles.

On complex, it would be a good start if there was some cover on the middle of the strip imo. There might be other ways to help too but that helps vehicles from being spawnkilled and arty to get a foot in against tanks.

On under, idk, Nod's opening seems to be narrower and straighter shot against structures, gdi is a curved opening that nod needs to get way in and around in order to have line of fire. Really, GDI tanks are hard to break but are fine at their distance. Nod needs better options in vehicle path and terrain exploitation, as well as a better gdi entrance to exploit to fire from in the same manor that gdi can do from nod base entrance. The infantry paths not having as much a bottleneck might help too, possibly redesign the tunnels with two paths that branch together in them? Gdi always denies nod their own tunnels, which also leads to just another way for nod to lose while they focus on vehicles.

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....Not gonna lie, sounds like someone had a string of bad GDI teams. GDI can rush just as well as Nod in the early game. Hell, a mass of McFarlands doesn't even have to aim.

I won't lie, even with a good team, today I lost volcano on nod (they got 2 structures on first rush while we got 1), and won on canyon with nod (early mobilized artillery coupled with some actual repair work to keep them in the field and gdi out of it). Still think GDI was terrible to let that happen, even in case of a fuck-up, gunners should have been able to regain the field if nothing else.

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