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I've been thinking...

GLR Lynx

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I've been thinking about a city themed map (not a recreation of CNC-City) for RenX. Do you remember the days in TibSun, where everything was infested with Tiberium and the Veins? Also, do you remember the trailer for C&C Tib Twilight?

I did and I wonder how interesting it could be if someone with a better knowledge of UDK could make a heavily Tiberium infested city map (tib on both the ground AND the buildings, like a red zone). The Nod base being in the middle of the city and GDI outside of it. With a little change.

Since this game supports Airdrops, I've thought about how to prevent Nod from falling so far behind when they lose their harvester. Have 3 Airdrops: One for tanks with normal properties (taking a long time for the vehicle to arrive), another one for the Apache and Transporter (less than the tank Airdrop) and the Harvester Airdrop (which is bring you the harvester just as fast as the Airstrip and WF does)

The reason for Nod not having Airstrip:

First, in the city you would have very tight space. Therefore, avoiding Flame Tank traps will be simply a pain. Maybe even simply OP.

Secondly, since Nod starts in the City, they simply don't have space for the Airstrip. Giving their infantery the maximum of focus and forces Players of both sides to take their chances, bring in more action.

Thirdly, giving the game some variation.



No Airstrip, but turrets and the Obelisk


No AGT, but WF.


Evening, so you still have lots of light to see properly.

Not sure 'bout aircraft. Maybe have a version with and without.

Buildings should be partially accessable (maybe even encourage some pseudo Assassins Creed gameplay by running on the tops of the buildings, jumping from building to building xD)


Forgot to ask:

What do you think about it?

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Well, one could make a basic work around.

Back in RenX 0.5 one admin could spawn nukes/ions anywhere he wanted. Place AGT + Air outside the map, nuke 'em via a script and move Airstrips Airdrop node (if theres one, I dunno. I know there are spawn nodes that need to be disabled for Air & AGT) to the Nod base.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

It's... rather complicated. Destroying the building is easy, but it can only be done if the 'killer' in the kismet node is from the opposing team.

Few more thing for the SDK to cover up in the next patch. In fact, we will need an SDK wishlist, preferably with paved path from the community too...

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