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C&C 95 Hand of Nod in 3D


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Hi Guys

I've been attempting to make Tiberian Dawn's Hand of Nod in 3D. It's not completely finished yet. I've tried to make it as close to the "original" as possible but added realism to it as well.

Such as:

- Changing the hand to be made out of metal instead of rock. Because if you're a terrorist organization, and you need to take ground fast, where would you find time to carve a hand out of a rock or boulder? Also in the original picture, it looks like its shiny.

- The exterior of the building is made with corrugated metal, again, instead of stone

- Added floodlights to light the building in the night.

- The hand is smaller because I think, in the original, the hand is way too large for the structure

Tell me what you think of it. :)


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  • Totem Arts Staff
Don't worry about the poly yet. You're gonna need a high-poly version to make the normal map anyway....

Oh yeah forgot about that

Or we can go your way and just make the High-Poly from the low-poly. But it seems that psychology from the existance of your low-poly model will hamper your creativity (It sometimes does to me :P)

Besides, I'm also guilty with the warning, only I told it to Ska-ara on his RA2 model project

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  • Totem Arts Staff

First, make sure your SDK is NOT in the same place as your game

Good? Okay, now in the Binaries folder, look for win32 folder, then in UDK.exe, make a shortcut. Open the shortcut's properties, and then in the Start In box, put 'editor' at the end, separated with space. Then just open that shortcut and you're good to go!

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