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Modeling on 3ds Max


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Hey there! I need someone's help, anyone really.

So here is my dilemma: I created a few models of assets I would like to use in my map, Foundry, but after a few weeks of struggling I cannot get them to work in the SDK.

My first approach was creating the models in CATIA and exporting them as .stl files so that 3ds could import them. From there, I would once again export them as .fbx files with a UCX collision mesh into the SDK. That worked for some time considering my models did not have any materials applied to them. So I pretty much have a bunch of place-holder models that are gray and have proper collision. They look fine but I would really like to get some thematic materials added to them so they can look like actual structures.

What I'm asking for is someone to point me in the right direction so I can remake all the models in 3ds max. I want to remake my assets, but I do not know how to properly place materials/uvwrap them/export them successfully into the SDK. So if you know of any resources like really good step-by-step modeling tutorials complete with applying/making materials, that would be extremely helpful.

It would also be helpful to learn from someone already experienced in 3ds Max. If you are a good modeler and can share some knowledge one on one please send me a pm! I could really use some help!

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