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Quick question about a GPU


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Does anyone here own a GTX 970 gpu? If so, what is the approximate average frame rate in RenX?

I would assume 22-30. From what I hear of the devs, who sound like they have similar computers. Mine is a lot worse a computer, but it runs 20 I think, albeit that is with "Custom" settings that turns just about any post processing off and gives you plastic minecraft lego settings.

Oh Yeah, and don't turn Static Decals on. They are bugged. May sound like they wouldn't take any fps, but they take like 8. For real.

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Games built with UE are highly CPU intensive.

The r9 290 is considered the equivalent of the 970 and that is what I own. I get 50-90 FPS (depending on what map and how many people are in-game). My CPU is an i5-4590. I play on ultra, and I think the lowest I've ever seen it drop is about 43. It averages over 60 FPS.

Again, it's highly CPU intensive though, so it depends on what CPU you have too.

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I have i7 2600, would that be enough for the frame rates to be around 60 (or above) almost all of the time?

It's free to download. And I looked back, and I saw the framerate for a dev with UDK FRONTEND open, I suppose that would make a LOT of difference lol. No wonder my crap computer can get as high on dirt settings. Sorry if that was misleading. Now I envy people with better computers even more.

Also, UDK is cpu intensive. And i7 2600 is 3.8ghz. That is 50% more than I, and mine is not bottlenecking. I think it's safe to assume you would see framerate like HaTe.

Why haven't you tried it since it is free anyway? Worse case scenario, you delete the installation and never look back, although it's great fun especially if you played the 2001 Renegade.

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