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Hottie + Crate = Spy NOD Officer with Mines?

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Hello to all players out there :)

I was playing "Under" and I was Hottie then pickup Crate and got Spy NOD Officer. When I was switching between weapons I still had 6 mines in my inventory and I could lay them on the ground.

I don't know if that's a bug or what... but it help me to defend my planted Ion on NOD ref... I've planted mines behind NOD Ref and players goes "Boink" while trying to disarm Ion... :D

I guess that this doesn't happen to much, it's a bug, right?

Sorry, my English is bad...

Best regards.

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  • Moderator

It sounds absolutely amazing and totally cool.

But definitely overpowered, probably not as fun for the OTHER guys, and likely a bug.

Generally speaking though, i'd say you were probably cheating more by using that overpowered officer right now than you were using mines. But I say that in the sense, that using 1 hit kill ramjets is cheating in original renegade.

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  • Developer
Yeah, I haven't experience with it it I have seen pictures. Sbh with proxys are possible.
SBH that are IMMUNE TO BASE DEFENSES with PROXY are possible... Scary...

Imagine it like this

*Spy SBH walks in, sees a Tech mining*

Spy SBH : Hey Tech, what are you doing?

Tech : Mining, duh

Spy SBH : Can I help you?

Tech : Uh... sure?

*Spy SBH lays all his mines on the stack*

Tech : Thanks.... but wait, aren't you supposed to be an SBH?

Spy SBH : Uh... yes, why?

Tech : How did you get mines?

Spy SBH : I.... always have it around me... why?


Spy SBH : ...

Tech : SP.... *boom, boink*

Spy SBH : Uuuuh, well, nice to meet you too :D

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