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Hi guys,

today we would like to announce that we have formed a new group called "Community Devs". This group of players is supposed to help us to gather and compress all the meaningful info that is posted in the forums or voiced in game. They are given the chance to shape the next patch list with us and to have a heavy influence on it. The idea behind it really is that the experienced players present us with whats needed most so that we can focus our time on integrating the changes instead of being caught up in long and demanding balance discussions. Getting the community more involved is a vital part and important for the future of Renegade X. We will also put the Renegade X code up on GitHub soon. More info on that will come later next week.

The current group of Community Devs consists of:








We currently decided that this amount of people should be enough for now. But who is in this group will change based on their activity (It's not yet decided how the recruitment process for new members should go but we will have info on that when needed).

Being in this group means having a big responsibility regarding the future of the game. Please all try to support them.

If you have any other ideas about what we could do in terms of integrating the community more, then please let us know in the comments.

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