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Beta 4.02 Unable to Skirmish or Continue


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Sorry for being a bother but I recently downloaded and updated the latest version of Renegade X after completely removing beta 3 from my system and have encountered a really strange problem.

That being I am unable to play Skirmish matches or Continue playing on servers after the map changes (I can join matches already in session with no problem) What ends up happening is I am stuck in a observer like mode with the words "Waiting for other players" in the center with the scores of GDI being 8000 and Nod being 6000 with me being referred to as "player" having the score of whatever team I am supposed to be on (So 8000 or 6000) Even stranger is if I hit tab to see the player list it will either A: Show GDI with 1-2 bots more then Nod and my user name shows up, or B: My name is not the list at all and there is 20+ bots on Nod. This happens when ever I try to play a Skirmish or the map changes over on a server.

I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing and re-downloading both the same and different mirrors with complete removal each time, I am sorry if it's a bother but any help would be great.

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