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Swapping the map around?


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I got an idea, I remember seeing this on some game years ago (nexuiz), but thought could try on RenX, it is where you swap the teams around. So for example, where the Obelisk, you replace with AGT etc.

So, on under, you swap the sides round, so what GDI would be, it is the NOD side and vice versa.

I prefer changing pre-made maps rather than actually making whole maps. Mainly because I suck at making maps.

How easy would it to do? I have made maps with the Source SDK before, but not UDK. but source is much simpler and it was Portal 2 (portal 2 authoring tools, not the ingame map maker) so therefore there was no AI.


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Yep, all the maps that are included are uncooked, so you can just open it up, do a File->SaveAs, and edit to your hearts content.

Where abouts are they? I looked (RX_SDK_March_22_2015\Maps\RenX\) and all there is CNC-PTLevel,CNC-TestMap_MP,RenX-FrontEndMap and RenX-MenuMap.

On the game, in that diectory (but instead of RX_SDK it is Renegade X Beta 4) it has all the maps, and the above as well.

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I believe we didn't include the stock maps in the SDK purely to make the SDK smaller. The maps in the playable build of the game are all uncooked as of beta 4, so you can just copy them over to your SDK's maps directory, and should be able to open them.

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