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Two Suggestions While I Remember Them.


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Two suggestions while I remember them:

1) being able to Q-Spot timed c4 as you can Beacons already. It takes unrealistic cooperation to diffuse a c4 on a vehicle, by the driver and the repairman. One doesn't cooperate, it can't be done. Likewise, a message showing confirmed c4 placement on a structure, can be more convincing to rally repair support.

2) Q-Spotting a teammate's full health vehicle to request a ride. Because nobody wants to pick me up, and I want to believe it is because they don't notice me as they are driving off. ...i hope...

EDIT: More Suggestions:

3) Being able to spot crates.

4) I read a thread by HaTe or Yosh (it was Yosh... viewtopic.php?f=35&t=75013), about spotting area volumes. Basically, to sum that up, being able to spot an infantry in your base and you get the general location of him, and which base (GDI PP or Nod PP), as well as what enemy infantry or vehicle (if not specific, at least categorize into "engi, tech, sbh, sniper, low tier infantry, high tier infantry, aerial vehicle when it's air is also important)

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Handy, now you basically need to shout 'building needs repair' if there is C4 inside it.

And you can only tell how imperative it is depending on how frequently spammed and how many seperate people spam it. Otherwise, there is no difference between c4 and a building getting attacked. Targetting c4 in a structure would be a more definitive version of "building needs repaired" that is more urgent when read...

...beacons used to have this issue, not being able to spot a beacon in B1, people resorted to spamming buildings, and some people would spam all 4 buildings, and often people ran to the wrong ones.

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