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Tiberium was unlike anything humanity has seen before, so research on something as mysterious and powerful is valuable. The Bocay Installation holds a tiberium observation facility which performed long period experiments that are hard to recreate. The Brotherhood knew about it and launched an attack in order to either steal or destroy GDI's scientific data. The facility has many levels and all of it's paths are tight, some underground. Heavy equipment will often find itself harassed by infantry from all directions, so bring some support for your ride.



Expect this to progress very slowly, as I have quite a bit of RL things to do. For now, I'd like to know if there are any visible flaws in general concept. The scale in not accurate.

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Looks really promising!! Really looking forward to it! Am I assuming correctly that you'll have a mix of urban warfare?

Your idea really reminds me of my time in Battlefield 2142.. there was a map called Camp Gibraltar http://www.tacticalsites.com/~draeh/images/maps/2142/Camp%20Gibraltar%2032%20Players.gif

I liked that map a lot, even though it was a stalemate.. lots of vehicles got destroyed by the infantry on the upper levels.

I wonder if the bases aren't to far apart though.. if you've got some resistance in the middle, how long do you expect it to take to get from base to base?

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Basically, the middle has a silo on top (the blue zoom) and has ladders at the bottom which lead to the very top (purple zoom). As far as timing goes, I think 20 seconds from base to middle and 40 seconds from base to base is what I am thinking of (simillar to lakeside).

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