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Am i the only one?


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First of all, i would like to thank every developers out there for giving us renx beta 4,It is way smoother(fluid) compared to B3,love the graphics,sounds and new additions.Yes i love all u guys as a gamer,I mean who else gives such a wonderful game for free.

BUT :mad::mad: really hate the over powering of free infs, I personally use 500 class sniper i dont really care about the nerfing of 1000 class units, but the free class are now so OP its ridiculous to play with credit paid infs, u can easily kill a 1000 class unit with a machine pistol (pffff) . Grenaders and Shot gunners need two shots to kill an inf from 10 feet or more,I dont even want to say about Marksman,Coming to the vehicles the word " REALLY " comes to mind ,are they made of cardboards. The game play is so unbalanced now, i don't even wanna play.

I really love this game and i want to play even more,but playing with paid infs is utterly rediculous now.This is just my opinion but the game really needs some balancing

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Free inf is what you play the majority of the game with. Being 1 hit with ramjet (acceptable for clunky pic/rail), and doing 1/10th the health of a 1k unit before dying, isn't really thrilling gameplay.

Now, no free infantry should really ever kill a 1k infantry, and some 250 infantry force you to pay consistantly and get really consistent results even compared to 1k infantry. 250 infantry definitely pose a real threat to 1k infantry, and to free infantry, but the fact that free infantry is "effective" is fairly good.

You still get your money worth sniping everything with a ramjet or 500, or using a volt or pic/rail, or using a chem or flak. You almost can't get by without having the tier 2 engineers (hotwire/tech). They definitely have an edge, they just about can't lose 1v1 against free infantry both full health. But they can't take on 2 at point blank ambush, and it would suck if they could considering how often the game gives you 1k credits.

The only other way to really get good gameplay, is to make the frontpage purchase units the 150-300 units, nerf the free units, spawn as the free class engineer, and make the other free units hidden in the "character tab". Because at least people would get the hint that they need to use more firepower on average than a "free" unit.

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I really love this game and i want to play even more,but playing with paid infs is utterly rediculous now.This is just my opinion but the game really needs some balancing

It's not ridiculous at all.

Snipers should be nerfed even more, it'd be best if they were completely removed.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

You're aware that the only free infantry that were changed were the Grenadier, Flamethrower and Marksman, correct? 2 of those suck entirely after about 20-30 ft, and the Marksman being moved to hit-scan is something that should have been done ages ago as it's there to be a soft-counter to sniper-rape when you can't buy sniper classes.

1K units honestly don't feel underpowered at all to me after the changes. PIC can still OHKO anything in the face, and so can the Ramjet. Volt Rifle got a small primary fire nerf to rate of fire, but that also just makes it more controllable and better on ammo, as well as still out-DPSing even the laser chaingun.

Shotguns.... shotguns haven't changed since B3. They've been more than just a little overpowered, namely due to their range being entirely too damn far with their extremely random spread (even when you zoom in).

Autorifle still feels free, Grenadier is 'better' but still an easy kill for anything that doesn't just happen to have like 50hp left, and the flamethrower is in the same boat: better but not insanely so.

I... I haven't even seen anyone use the machine-pistol, so I don't know. I just always use the not-so-silenced pistol.

In terms of vehicles... the only numbers that changed were the light armour damages to virtually all weapons (save for Tac-Rifle and LCG). This is so we can move away from having to have a freaking sniper rifle be our sole anti-light unit. Rocket launchers are the only weapon I know of that was buffed against heavy armour, and it shoots slow enough to only be of a nuisance to most heavy vehicles, (It does a little bit more than getting hit with a cannon, and shoots about half that speed), and just a 'good' deterrent vs' light vehicles. It also is a much better alternative for anti-air now, which again is for the sake of letting us let snipers be good at what they're made to be good at, as opposed to being the class that can do everything but decimate a tank brigade.

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Ramjet not killing free inf in one shot was what pretty much anyone wanted from that thread about it as far as i remember. Not too sure what weapon values were changed as thats not my main area and i just read today in another thread that people still called the autorifle useless.

Anyway: Pls all be aware that the patcher will make it a lot easier for us to roll out balance updates. Though its always hard to find out what the majority really wants. And how to balance that with the needs of the hardcore players etc. But patcher time also means balancing time. So we are listening for ideas. So if you post criticism pls make sure its constructive criticism (but pls no walls of text if you can prevent it...).

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I haven't recorded the damage values for a chart in quite some times.

The autorifle might be hard to buff properly without overpowering it.

In Renegade, it did 7 in the cest, 35 in the head.

In Renegade X, it does 8 in the chest, 20 in the head (unless it was changed since beta 1.0, like I said I haven't kept track).

This is a common problem in RenX where the body-head difference is totally different than in the original, which makes them more limited.

I think a few weapons could use having more headshot damage, the automatic rifles in particular. This is to give it a bit more potential.

While the shotgun, I think (I don't have the numbers, but it IS too strong) needs its body damage lowered quite a bit. (as well as lowering its range just a bit, potentially). This keeps the shotgun's potential with headshots but lower its overall ridiculous effectiveness.

There are other weapons which could get this treatment and in my opinion, the balance of the game would be better for it. But we'd have to have all the numbers in front of us.

IMO though, the automatic rifle and shotguns are the only obvious issues.

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