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What if like, medium tanks had a machine gun for passangers?


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At least put one on the mammoth tank its nowhere near as OP as it should be for how big and slow it is.

Umm, not being OP is a good thing. Mammy is probably one of the most balanced things in the game finally... aside from its current game-breaking ability to....not shoot.

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Mammy doesn't really need a second gunner. This would be overpowerd.

In the classic CnC light and med tanks are weak against infantary. So give the co-driver a gun would be a major balance changer. But i have to admit, that i am thinking that this is still a cool idea. So if you really want to give the co-driver a gun, there should be two things to mind:

1. to make it fair, both light and med tank should have a gun for the co-driver.

2. this gun should be very weak. The Best would be the firepower of the normal soldier rifle.

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