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[RenX | Beta 4.01] PIC / Rave - shooting still bugged


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As before, PIC and Rave sometimes ALWAYS don't shoot with their primary weapon after switching weapons between primary and secondary, using the Carbine Rifle as an example and switching back!! It even sometimes happens after a reload. I still cannot take it when my PIC gets killed when I own a full magazine or 3/4 and am not being able to shoot ...

PIC and Rave are actually unplayable for me!! This has been a serious problem, in v4.x it is worse than before. I always switch weapons with em and their primary weapon will always be bugged so.

This has also happened with Orcas/Apaches.

My opinion about this issue is:

After a shoot, before a next round has been loaded up and you switch weapons in meantime, this weapon which was kinda reloading a next round (not a complete magazine) has been "bugged" and so cannot shoot anymore before you "globally" reload your weapons again.


This also happens with Remote C4!!

While I was reloading the Silenced Pistol as Nod Engy, I switched to Remote C4 to drop it. It wasn't possible.

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It still exists.

Last week I wasn't able to shoot anymore with my sydney's PIC, no matter what I tried, reloaded a lot of times, refilled, reloaded every weapon I had, went into a vehicle, reloaded the vehicle weapon, got out.

I just wasn't able to shoot, tried stuff for about 5 minutes and then gave up.

Here's some screenshots, just look at the time in the bottom of the screen:




This was on CT marathon, first screenshot was taken at 12-4-2016, 00:36 (Amsterdam time zone)

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