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Renegade Beta 4.0 New Map Exploits/Tricks


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I made a video detailing most of the exploits (or stuff that looks unintentional) I have found so far after playing on the new maps; so Canyon, Complex and Under.

- Link if video player isn't working.

There are some other areas which have glitchy wall terrain that you can partially pass through but I haven't been able to record those yet.

Hope you guys find it useful and continue to patch this game. I will try to keep this thread updated.

Anyone else can post their findings here too.

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Your effort is appreciated, but I guess you should make the exploit video invisible so people will not massively use it. Just ask for a developer to contact you to send the link over? The forum is frequently crawled by Google so Ren-X exploits will be easy to find now.

Unless there is a quick fix!

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