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Passenger Gunners


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I think it would add a nice touch if the driver was able to at will give control of turreted weapons over to the first passenger in the vehicle. This would extend to humvee, buggy, and APC turrets as well.

Of course, the driver could take back control of the weapons at any time so if the gunner isn't good, paying attention, the vehicle reaches it's destination and will act as a mostly stationary turret, or the driver just feels like gunning again.

If the driver wants to give control over to the passenger the driver would hit the button to do so. The passenger would then be given a prompt to take over as gunner that has to be acknowledged to prevent the gunner position from sitting in limbo.

As for what it would be like, imagine Humvees and Buggys tearing across the battlefield firing at eachother the whole time regardless of who is in front of who. Giving drivers the ability to focus on driving would allow them to focus entirely on one task without the concern of if someone shooting at them is currently in their view.

It might also be nice to allow the gunner to remain the gunner even if the driver gets out. That would allow a engineer driver to get out and repair the vehicle while the gunner lays down suppression fire to protect their team mate. Also, if the driver were to die for some reason the gunner would automatically shift to the driver seat. Unless the driver dies the vehicle would be stationary unless the gunner gets out and gets back into the vehicle.

Also, if the gunner gets out control of the turret would revert to the driver again.

I think this is something that would need to be set so the Gunner Passenger ability could be enabled/disabled by the server administrator.

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Apache passengers can shoot a very powerfull rocket, in the direction of the apache's heading. It knocksquite a bit of health off of buildings and reloads in 5 seconds i believe.

Makes me believe that passenger firing is possible, should only be implemented correctly.

In the old ren, Q was the default button for passengers to use the humvee/APC chaingun e.g. but the usefullness still eludes me, because the passenger has a harder time compensating for the drivers manouvres

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There would need to be something that helps keep the turret pointed in the general direction of the where the gunner was looking. That way they can track targets and fire accurately on the go.

For the Orca and the Apache I was thinking the extent of the gunners capability would be aiming the gun but having no control over the missiles. This would give the gun a much wider firing radius as it would no longer be tied directly to where the aircraft happens to be pointed.

Thankfully the transport copters already have this whole issue covered.

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