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I'd love a campaign as well, I do think it's a lot of work to make one so I don't see it happening in the near future..

What I also liked in original Renegade were servers with "co-op missions", vs bots.

It would be cool if there's ever gonna be a possibility to make custom maps in a way that they play like a mission, either co-op or single player.

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Reformatting won't impact your GPU speed, if it doesn't run now, it won't run later...

Is it me or is this totally off-topic?

Anyway, Black Dawn was nice yeah! I would realy love more!

Old ren coop maps were modifications of the single-player maps though. You have the solo-campaign turned into an online coop mode, which is imo, harder than the hardest difficulty on single player.

But I believe they are not considering the idea of making an entire new solo or coop mod. It would take sooooo much time which is better spend towards getting out of Beta into full release

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  • Former Developers

We actually had worked out a really cool story with the help of the C&C community member "Kirby" whom had made some really cool fan fiction stories in the C&C verse. We wanted to make a full fledged campaign that was meant to be a TS prequel, but realistically that was not going to be possible to make in a short amount of time so we ended up dropping it.

It's very unlikely for there to be another campaign.

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Maybe the dev's time is better spent working on MP for now, but in the future, why not?^^

When the multi community totally died out, and they might aswell spend their time working on single player content again? :P

Even then making a highly polished campaign mode takes much more time and resources, also money for anything they cant do themselves, which they certainly dont have since its a charity project.

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