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Ren X Tutorial Video


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Hey All,

I had been toying with this idea for awhile now and after seeing a post or two regarding new players and their lack of knowledge of how Renegade X works (We where all there once), I will be starting a tutorial video in next couple of days that relates to the basics of Renegade X, such as the main objectives, what characters do what, and what vehicles are good for what situation. Will also cover various basic things that people need to know.

Was just wondering if anyone would like to add to what should or could be covered in the 1st video, only really want the basics and general gameplay tips this time around as I will hopefully be making another video after that goes onto the more advanced aspects of the game. So please post below any tips or basic things you think new players need to know and I can get them added to the video :)

Few Examples:

Hotwires/Technicans repair faster than standard engineer.

Repair the master control terminals to repair buildings faster.

There is a mine limit per server which is visable on the bottom of your screen.

etc etc

Any help be appreicated :cool:

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Generally accepted places to place mines (doorways and roof access ramps) and NEVER in the middle of the field or against vehicles!!! (unless the use of AT mines; personal limit of 2)

Class-tiers in general (for health/armor values)

Anti infantry classes breakdown.

Anti vehicle classes breakdown.

Vehicle uses (e.g. arty/mlrs are not front-line vehicles)

For advanced level:

Damage versus infantry breakdown

Damage versus vehicles breakdown

Inconspicuous mining (around corners, above the doors)

I'd advice you to start making a video after B4 released, because the changes I've heard are pretty heavy.

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Cheers for that Truxa, and thats the plan as the changes in beta for are quite heavy from what I've seen so far although that basic won't change to much but the more advanced options definetaly will.

And the amount if times I seen people trying to use mlrs and arty right at the front baffles me when they die so easy espcially the mlrs but they soon learn :P

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Difference between vehicle armors.

Timed c4 and that most classes have it so if an enemy infantry got near you then you vehicle likely has aids timed c4.

I would also wait till beta4 for the video, as new players will be playing that and it is significantly different. You may be teaching emp nades and smoke nades alongside what mining is.

Parachutes, don't forget infinite reuseable parachute.

What stealth does and doesn't do. Does make invisible longrange, not shortrange, nor bypasses base defenses.

What crates do.

What structures are more necesary to usually target, the pp or base defense, the wf/hon...

The armor system in general, and what weapons do what to infantry/light/heavy armors.

The q button.

The mine counter and how if it goes down means to check the base.

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A few things that come to mind:

1. Basic lay-out of the HUD (mines, building indicators, etc)

2. Basic characters (soldier, shotgunner, flamer/grenadier, engineer, marksman); repairs

3. Goal of the game and ways to achieve that goal

4. Field (not the map) essentials (silo and crates)

5. The base and its purpose (Ref, PP, Vehicle factory, infantry building, base defense)

6. Advanced infantry

7. Tanks

8. Quick commands to communicate

Good initiative Glacious =)


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