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Add possibilities for less players


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A problem that i have found often, is that Renegade-X is just no fun without at least 8-10 players. Often i join a server with fewer players, that wait for more people to join. But then one team destroys a building of the other one, (because sneaking in the other base is very easy with a low playercount) and people start to leave again. To prevent this, field is often played on servers with few people. (which is also kind of boring and frightens people off, because even if more people join it is still field )

Therefore, i propose a ~"lounge mode" kind of thing, where it is clearly visible for everyone, that after say 10 people a new map is started. (Maybe just Team Deathmatch on a smaller map or on the existing maps as a start)

I believe that this would increase the player count very much, as i am sure that i am not the only one who doesnt join servers with a low player count anymore. Because too often nothing happens for a long time)



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Ideally we should introduce something to scale the maps i think. For the meantime we have been working on a death match mode and will introduce it with beta 4.

Are you thinking about dynamic map borders? hmm, maybe that could work, but i don't see how this would work in straightforward maps like Walls.

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The idea of a lounge map sounds interesting but I can think of one issue that might annoy people unless I misunderstand the concept.

If people are placed in a map and are actively fighting each other, wouldn't it be annoying if the match suddenly ended in the middle of a battle?

What about if AI Bots could be used as stand-ins while a server populates? The AI isn't the best in the game but it's good enough to purchase vehicles and launch somewhat coherent attacks on the enemy. As players join the match they would spawn in place of Bots when bots either die or are present in their own base. That restriction would have to be made otherwise you might suddenly have empty tanks or players jumping into tanks when they have no idea what is going on.

Also, if people could spawn into Bots vehicle then some would abuse the hell out of it by leaving and rejoining maps until they get a free vehicle to start with.

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Any news on this? (not the idea of Tarvin, but the original one)

I think it would be also sufficient to just use (some of ) the normal maps and set the harvesters and buildings to indestructible. As long as it is clear in the launcher and for every newcomer, that the map will be ended (and a vote for the new one will be started) when x amount of players are on the server.

Maybe this can be made visible by another playmode (~"Waiting for Players")

I believe that this would really help the playercount, as more often than not i dont care to join servers with 10 players or less because it is just really annoying and boring. Often when 1 server is full and another is half empty i just play a different game, because waiting on players now is just a waste of time, mostly.

I think this is also a problem when people play it the first time and only see the game with 6 players the'll never play again.

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