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Uploading a video for bugreport


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Where and/or how do I upload a video for Dev's eyes only to report and show a critical bug? Map: Gold Rush.

I encountered a twat this morning named: EatyourGreensKids abusing this bug atleast twice on the TmX US server. He called me out saying I didnt know how he got into the base, thus cannot call him a cheater/glitch abuser for destroying the Nod ref without any mines setting off on the bridge, nor being transported to the base via APC or spy.

I killed him the 2nd time for suspecting him doing it again, thus knowing his arrival. No recorddemo to proof it though, as I couldnt time it right. I did create a few after his 2nd abuse, in case he'd try a 3rd time.

I went into offline mode to try how and when, took me 30 minutes to find an accesspoint.

This is all I am willing to share atm, only want to show the Dev's the clip I made with Shadowplay (1m 30s, 350mb)

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was it the same problem as viewtopic.php?f=124&p=143625?

Edit : Oh, you know what? Forget I said that. You probably want to upload it to youtube and post the embed code here

Nope, it's a different one. I found this topic before posting this topic.

And no, I dont want to upload it to youtube, because others might find it and exploit it during play.

Hence, I wish to know a way to hand it over to the Devs without any possibility of dumbfucks and retards like "EatyourGreensKids" to abuse it.

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When uploading to youtube you can make the video unlisted. Makes it so only those with the actual link to the video will be able to watch it. Just do that and then PM a dev the link.

I know exactly what glitch you are talking about. Sorry you had trouble with some one abusing it.

Thanks, I'll do that.

Any Dev's reading this to whom I should send the link?

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