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Most Dynamic Battlefield Award aka: why is RenegadeX unique


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I would like to create an Award for the Most Dynamic Battlefield and give it to RenegadeX.

After thinking a fair bit about what makes RenX special and unique, I think this is the best element.

Other games i play are fun and exciting, but the battlefield is static. Pick a fighter and help your team progress to a win. Usually only one way to win. Sometimes it is fight until you die then sit back and watch hoping the team carries through.

RenX is completely different.

Everyone starts on the same level so to speak, and then the battle grows and changes and evolves out of the actions taken.

Time and time again during battle i find myself gauging the activity of the battle and choosing

veh/char/weapons that will play well at that moment. A few moments later the battle has changed and i equip differently. The dynamic and fluid nature of the battle is awesome.

Add to this the fact that there are multiple paths to winning and you have a Lot of Gameplay. Players have a lot of paths to pick. Win by points? Win by defending? Win by destroying every building with c4/becon/gunfire. Ignore winning and just enjoy wrecking havoc.

Most Dynamic Battlefield Award goes to RenegadeX

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