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Dear developers , i think this has been brought up before but its still a very annoying thing in renegadeX that in some maps its very very hard to see enemy tanks and infantry , especially on Field you can never see a tank if not for the red targeting box .

tbh renegadeX is the only game i have ever played where i need to take a rest after a match just to rest my eyes and ive been sitting in front of a PC for like 16 years now lol .

Also -i might get alot of negativity for this one- the post processing option is way too much for the eyes to handle and it kinda make the game look more cartoony than real... i always turn it off (my PC can handle it np tho) . In walls it makes the map look like its melting , and in dark maps it makes stuff look like they are glowing .

Please don't get me wrong , after i bought this new PC and tried RenX on ultra i gotta say it looks very impressive, but some effects like the glowing and anti-aliasing need "decreasing" (idk the proper word ) and most dark maps need more lighting.

Also , i remember i posted something about PostprocessAA and that it can be turned off in skirmish via commands also alot of other stuff that go under the "show" command (non of these work in multiplayer) , maybe you can add the ability to toggle some of these via buttons in the settings menu , since most vga do their own AA now and there's no need for such heavy post-processing .... i could go on but the main idea is RenX is very hard on the eyes ...

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