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Suggestions-gunplay,units balance, armor regen and more


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At the first time when I saw this game I was like "oh my gash! Comand and conquest FPS on battlefield! There is so much going on!" And then I was dissapointed of weard oldschool gunplay, when it tooks forever to kill someone exept you play Havoc ofc. Iam really dissapointed that you made total copy of old game with different graphics, physics and some bit more stuffs.

Its not fair... Its just not fair :( I understand its obviousness that I die from one shot 180noscope of most expensive sniper rifle but in other way its stupid to make all basics troopers just meat for the grinder. So please! do something with it... this luck-based chalenges 1vs1 are tiresome and not fun...well maybe for little while it is... but when you play 1-2h one round of challenge fights so it makes me see red and I want to destroy my computer to hundret pieces becouse the stupid ctrl+alt+delete is not working

for quick quit!! DAAAAMN IT!

Ok there is my simple suggestion: All basic units weapons get 0.8-1.7 +-(sec's) time to kill (ttk)

Basic units:

-assault rifles 1.2 ttk

-flamethrower 1.0 ttk +additional dmg

-shotgun 2 direct shots

-nadelauncher 2xdirect hits in radius of 1.5meter

-rifle 4hits to kill

-basic pistol 6hits to kill

-smg pistol 1.5 ttk

-carabine 1.0 ttk

-explosive pistol 3 direct hits to kill



I set ttk for another basic unit so againts "heroes" like Havoc, Sidney or hight armored units like laser machinegunner is ttk doubled becouse of HP and armor OFC! Damage to head is also doubled.

And I know what am I talking about => 0.6sec is enought time to take cover or run away before you are killed.

Well, I hope you know what Iam trying to say. This oldschool gameplay is weard for such impressive game! Or maybe come out with modd with this type of gameplay..? (simple "battlefield")

I'am not talking only about basic units ofcourse! Iam just trying to show you my way of idea.

Other suggestions:

-slowly regenerate armor after 10secs of not receaving damage.

-something what shows you that you are receaving damage+show dirrection "from where".

-more items to buy-ammo resuply box, Med-pack.

I know this game is still in Beta but you cant even imagine how many ppl, including me, are dissapointed of this weard gunplay and slug vehicle wars. It has nothing to do with "Beta"

Are you oldschoold FPS lover? Come out with moded test server of this? So what do you think?

Iam sorry if you cant clearly undestand what Iam trying to say-google translator Thank you for your time.

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High TTK and regenerating health/armor are both some of the absolute worst things that completely ruin modern FPS. Same with vehicles. Where the hell is the fun when fights ends as soon as they start and your tank blows up in a few hits.

Screw modern FPS influence. Its awful. Its only defended by little kids who were spoon-fed terrible games. You even claim this is "luck based" as it is. That alone removes all the credibility you could ever have. I'm sorry. I have severe disdain for modern brainwashed gamers.

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As you may have noticed so 1.2secs (18hits..?) to kill is pretty good number for this game, while players are changing dirrections like crazy chicken while they are shooting so it may raise up to 5+secs AND this is pretty hight number dont you think??? I mean it in sense TTK WITHOUT SINGLE MISS. Its not big difference from what it is at the moment. Oh YE and what about this-noscope 1hit kill 0 TTK to kill from sniper-THIS IS WHAT IAM TALING ABOUT-meat for glinger. You have to hit him 50times (2magazines) takes over 10seconds but he killes you in one shot with finger in his nose. AND its not only about most expensive characters! Iam talking about make game bit more fair for all units.

Iam not comparing with other modern FPS games Iam just asking for bit less TTK becouse this

is just that Wooo Waa What the hell?! ALR+F4!!!
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  • Totem Arts Staff
-something what shows you that you are receaving damage+show dirrection "from where".

And that's about it. Even OldRen had indicators for directions you were being damaged from. Can't go overboard with this though, as was mentioned in another topic it's a disadvantage to have your HUD going through too many damn animations and starting to get in the way.

As for TTK:

A) Most snipers suck, and only the really good ones are annoying. The n00bjet is and always has been a bit on the overpowered side, we just don't know what to do with it to not break it down the being totally useless.

B) Can't agree with any of that. The basic auto rifle kills free infantry in under a second with head shots. If you're exclusively aiming for the body then you're literally trying to play a different game. Lucky enough that they buffed the hell out of body-shots for RenX, as in Renegade body shots did about a 1/3rd of what they do now.

C) I've seen plenty of new people pick up the game and claim that guns seem too weak, then accuse anyone good with them of cheating. Generally it just comes down to the fact that games with higher TTK just require you to have more than 1 skill to win a fight. Low TTK just needs with reflexes. High TTK requires twitch reflexes to get the first shot off, and then sustained aim on top of pattern reading. Seriously. The average player here basically just moves side to side or barely at all, making it obvious where you should be shooting.

As for items, they're gradually being added...though I personally despise the method in which they're being implemented.

...And if you ever mention regenerating health on these boards again I'm fairly certain you will be run off by an angry mob.

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