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TmX Dead Six Vs TmX Johns Results!


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A great game between out first 2 squads! There were a couple of no shows but thanks to a few reserves we were able to play 6vs6 the entire game with hardly any hiccups.

Games 1 was taking with fury by the Dead Six on Walls. They started with a 3 buggy rush and confused the Johns into making them go to the wrong buildings, then they ended up at the pp and took it down in style! Nero and i chucked our timed c4's on the mct, but i missed the mct and hit Neros head as he got in the way! He ran into the mct as the c4 went off for a spectacular takedown of the pp! The Dead six were all over the Johns base for the whole game , but the Johns werent our of it yet! Jean managed to take down the pp and refinery of the Dead Six with his special brand of lone hotwire destruction! The game went on in the Dead Six's favour and eventually ended in a win for them with relative ease.

The second game took place on field, and in a change of events, the GDI Dead Six got their asses handed to them by the superior tactics of the Johns. A failed obby rush by the D6 set the tone for that game, as all of their tactics were thwarted by the Johns with ease. Whoring the wf and blowing up the barracks gave the Johns a massive 4k point lead, and with mere minutes to go, the D6 had no chance of survival here.

Entering the 3rd match on islands, there was a bit if a misunderstanding with the teams which ultimately ended in the match being discarded . It was over fairly quickly when the D6 took down the refinery in the first 2 mins of the game and followed up with arts to take down both the wf and the barracks in record time. Not much to say on this one really!

The final match was on volcano with the D6 as GDI and Johns as NOD. D6 got off to a great start by taking down the nod pp with a sneaky tactic travelling across the tiberium field with 2 engys totally unseen by the Johns! The Johns were hard at work trying to take down the refinery but were ultimately stopped in the nick of time mere seconds before the c4s could all go off. With their cash advantage, the D6 took to meds and mlrs to the nod refinery and managed to take it down, killing multiple flame tanks on the way. With barely any cash and no pp, the Johns couldnt hope to counter the GDI advance and the game quickly ended with the D6 taking a 2-1 ( some say 3-1 ) victory!

A great start to what we hope will be a long running series of wars with our new squads! We hope to see more squads develop as our community grows to eventually enable us to host bigger tournaments and grow this game bigger than ever!

The match in full can be viewed right here from the D6 perspective. It start at 31 minutes in as in the beginning we were waiting for players to join and trying to find replacements.


For some reason it did not record my voice :(

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