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Is it ok to stream Renegade X on twitch?


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Honestly I think they would encourage you to live stream the game. One time I was in teamspeak with a few of the devs and they were asking people if they could stream the game because their friend who normally streamed for them was not there so I would assume that would me they are fine with it. I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't allow streaming but as the posts above say wait for an official response if you are concerned about it.

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As far as I understand is that the agreement with EA is that the Devs cannot make money out of the game. I do not know if this also entails the players receiving any compensation by doing live streams.

There are so many people doing live streams of other games like BF series and the likes, I doubt they get sued for it or that the game developpers demand compensation. It's not that the player is distributing the game for others to play, for compensation.

I would find it strange if you couldnt twitch it

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I found a youtuber who explains during one of his videos if streaming or using game footage is allowed or not:

He starts to explain after the 9:30 mark.

I like this guy for other video's he makes/made (Dayz) and not BF4 or CS:GO, although his videos are the reason why I dont like BF4 or CS:GO :P

It's quite important info for any streamer/youtuber! I HIGHLY suggest you hear him explain stuff

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small streamers are safe to my understanding, it's when they get big is where the problems begin, paid or unpaid.

It's like Frankie said: recording a glitch and publishing it, quickly gets dealt with to saveguard the profits they make. People who find it unfair stay away from the game, thus bad player numbers.

The bigger streamers make money out of gameplay, the big corps want a share of that (they smell $$$)

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