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It's a 3rd party tool to purchase games online, so you don't have to use CDs. They are linked to your steam account and this steam account is what you need to track RenX stats. For obvious reasons, your steam username should be the same as your RenX playername.

Nice thing about steam is, once you've purchased a game, it will be linked to your account. So if you have a new gaming system, simply log on to your steam, install the tool and it will download your games you want to play again. No CD-codes needed as they are linked to your account.

When you log in twice though, the first one automatically logs out. So no duping

Last thing about steam is, you can play demo's for games you dont know if you like, this game experience without paying $$

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Only negatives, are Steam offers no refunds which just means use common sense, and that Valve has authority to delete accounts even with huge values of linked games for any reason (though usually only for breaking rules ofc).

I have a steam library, but it always feels risky having all games linked to one source so I try to use variety when possible. In this case, free to play so there is no risk derp. Make a scrub throwaway steam account for the leaderboards if wish.

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Steam is nothing more than a business inovation for the gaming industry to make games even easier access and thus make more sales.

What steam does is take a "fee" from the game's publisher or developer (unsure if thats/whats true but they must make money somehow) every time the game is sold through steam.

Steam gives "free weekend" deals for certain games usually with a 75%-off purchase if you want to keep playing that game.

Steam keeps track of your game library and gives suggestions to you about other games you might like (advertizing, but realy low profile)

Steam keeps track of your achievements (if there are any)

Steam has a very fast download speed (for me usually 10mb/s) so it takes me perhaps 5-10 minutes to download and install a 10gb game. It's faster than going to the store, purchasing it, going back home, switching on PC, installing game.

And most of all, the download of Steam is 100% free!

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