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Idea: Parking Garage Structure


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A parking garage structure could work to help our gameplay. I picture a simple structure with 5 slots and a mct. Blowing the MCT would also destroy vehicles.

A place to store stolen vehicles. ! Destroy the structure and vehicles to get your vehicle limit up!

A place to store your own vehicles when you think you might lose the ability to make them soon.

A place to store your vehicle if you change your tactics to counter the enemy.

A place to put extra vehicles teammates purchase. *this is Sweet because you might use it to store that vehicle that is just sitting around to be stolen.

They would need some sort of actual locking mechanism. Whereby the person who parked it is only one can remove or unlock access. Or... maybe it just keeps the vehicle from being taken by the enemy.... ?

Only one vehicle per person keeps it from being spam filled.

This could combine well with a repair point that fixes vehicles.

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