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Console commands


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pretty sure there is one for infinite credits aswell, don't really play the single player mode though, more fun going on multi-player

I'm pretty sure he's using the single player mode to see where to place nukes in order to destroy the GDI base.

Hence the request to spawn a nuke and teleport to the enemy base.

How do you guys think people knew about glitched beacon spots? It's not through multiplay sessions and casually coming across one. Sure, there are a few instances that way, but people dont want to worry about being killed to find glitched spots or hard-to-reach spots to try them out.

E.g. walls, you'd actually believe people try to jump on the powerplant vent ducts whilst playing multiplayer to try a hard to reach spot? Easy way is to go solo, find an access point, repeat untill you got the hang of it and then apply in multiplayer.

This is what made so hard to ban glitched spots, as it's hard to distinguish between inaccessible and hard-to-reach.

Dropping a beacon in an unreachable spot though, that is a glitch. You'd still need to test out where though

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Btw, if this is purely for fun, try this console command combination


-setspeed 1000

-setgravity -100

then you'll have a shinobi or the Flash in RenX. Apparently 'setjumpz' won't work, and if you hit 1 to select secondary weapon, your speed will reset for some reason, meaning you'll have to 'setspeed' again

Also, if for some reason you want to lift up your harvester, use 'setgravity 100' or any positive number. 'setgravity 0' will return gravity to normal (-800)

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