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Status Image for RenX Servers


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I know a few people asked about status images that would pull basic server information. I already had a system set up for this for MPF so I figured I'd share it so that others could make use of it as well. I know some have figured out how the system works by looking at the MPF ones but I decided to make it easier for everyone. They aren't anything fancy, just basic information.

They look like this:





You can use the url like this:


I've added some optional flags so the image can be customized.

The format works like this:


[iP] is required the other two are optional. [PORT] is the port the server is on, is the color the text on the image should be (currently supports black, green, red, yellow). If you use all the flags port needs to come before color. Port defaults to 7777 if nothing is specified.

So a url using all the flags would look like this:


Hopefully someone will find this useful. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them.

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