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Open Ren-X Community 'Lobby War' this Wednesday Oct 29th


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Beta 3 is really good. So good, http://Rencorner.com has volunteered to host an open 'Lobby War' this Wednesday @ 7 PM EST.


On Wednesday @ 7 PM EST, everyone is welcome to join us in Teamspeak3, where 2 captains will choose teams and their armies will be placed into their own private teamspeak3 channel to compete in some Renegade-X team action.

To participate, you will need TeamSpeak3 (http://www.teamspeak3.com/teamspeak-download.php) the channel address is ts.rencorner.com

The games will be played on Rencorner Ren-X server.

If you would like to play in Wednesday's game, please post in this topic. Thanks

- WhisKeY

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Yeah, I understand that this is bad timing for Euro's (who are the majority), but it's the best I can do. Typically I try to have lobby wars on Sunday at a time that's good for everyone. I'll schedule one of those soon, if Wednesday's Lobby war gets an okay turn out.

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