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A list of minor things I believe needs some tweaks


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I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen. Apparently you can stand up on the other side of ramp :rolleyes:



Rocket Launcher guys still hold their bazookas rather strangely...


I believe there's a need a system that deals with a player that stays idle for a long time. In my last 2 games, this guy here just stands in front of the PT like an idiot. Since somehow my vote option is grayed out, I can't do anything to him, except just taking my frustration out towards the guy in several absurd ways possible


Somehow Nod guys killed his slacker partner, but kept him alive for the rest of the 2 games...

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For your number 3 point, the vote system is in place to vote them off the server freeing up space for others. But this is not ideal realy.

My suggestion for this behavior:

an AFK time limit resulting in an automatic kick.

Devs are busy working on people who disconnect and reconnect, that they do not lose their purchases and credits if they reconnect within 5 minutes. To that end, I'd suggest a max AFK timelimit of 5 minutes resulting in a kick.

This would also kick people who deliberately go inactive after they lose a building or 2 and don't see the point in continueing.

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What about the guy in your last pic: "Handjob_of_Nod"? Sure he wasn't AFK because of what his name suggested? :P

and what about the other "0-pointers"? 0-score usually indicates inactivity or recently joined. (just shooting (not killing!) as a marksman/soldier yields some amount of points)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

handjob-of-nod (who ironically was in GDI) was kicked as well in the next 2 games. I failed to notice him somehow. Either somebody already killed him, or he's on the other part of the base.

SBH was active though (actually he was almost kicked when it turned out he just had a potty break at the moment). And in the last game I played during that time, a guy named HesH had 0 score as well for quite a long time, until out of blue he ion-ed the airstrip

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